Safari & Fishing


 Safari: Grab your binoculars, camera, or hunting weapon and let’s go on a safari! Whether you’re bird watching, photographing, or looking for the perfect trophy to decorate your wall, we can help you have a safe and healthy safari experience. While you’re on safari hunting for the right shot, what’s hunting you? Malaria, yellow fever, exotic worms, dangerous amoebas, and deadly viruses are just a few threats out there. Remember, the best defense is a good offense and we can provide you with the best offense in the travel industry. Knowledge, vaccinations, prescriptions, and lab tests are just a few tools that we provide you with to stay safe and healthy. We utilize state-of-the-art, consistently updated medical and travel software to provide you with the best travel advice and care available. With us, you’ll be the hunter, and not the hunted!

Travelvax’s owner Dr. Michael A. Adams is a member of Safari Club International and the Houston Safari Club, and has hunted his entire life. Trust a fellow hunter for travel advice, prior to your next safari.

Fishing: Exotic places and third-world countries are a great place to find that catch of a lifetime. Costa Rica, Mexico, Africa, and many other places around the globe offer exciting fishing opportunities and a chance to experience diverse cultures. Catching a peacock bass on the Amazon River, is an experience of a lifetime. Catching malaria while you’re there, is not! In fact, there are many microorganisms awaiting the ill-prepared fisherman in the jungles of South America. Whether you’re eating lunch after a long day of marlin fishing in the Caribbean or touring the streets of some town in Madagascar, you need knowledge, prescriptions, vaccinations, and other forms of protection on your side.