Corporate Travelers


 Business travelers can be subjected to extreme risks when traveling for work. Even when an environment appears to be safe and secure, hidden dangers can present themselves and lead to a life-threatening situation. Companies are obligated to provide a safe working environment (both literally and legally) when employees are sent to far reaches of the globe to work. We are a large step in the process of reducing legal liabilities for your company and securing the safety and well-being of your employees. Lost productivity, lawsuits, and social negativity can be the consequences of not protecting traveling employees properly.

Our travel health clinicians are certified in travel health (CTH) via passing a comprehensive exam administered by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). The ISTM is a world-wide travel medicine organization composed of thousands of medical doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from hundreds of countries around the globe. Certification is a challenging process and requires that travel health clinicians meet strict education standards. Secure the health of your traveling employees by enlisting in our travel health services soon.