About Travelvax

Background and Forward Movement

Thank you for inquiring about Travelvax, Travel Health Clinic. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive medical care and advice in the travel health industry. We began the development of Travelvax in 2006, when its founder Dr. Michael Adams, Pharm.D., CTH, became certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM). Since its conception in 2009, Travelvax has developed into a leader in the travel health industry. Our backgrounds include extensive knowledge in not only travel medicine, but immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, vaccinations, and several other related fields in medicine. We are also part of the Wilderness Medical Society and our clinic provides easy access to quality travel health services. We are located close to the intersection of highway 290 and beltway 8, in Houston, Texas. 

There is plenty of parking in front of our clinic and the atmosphere is welcoming, clean, and professional. Our friendly staff is available to address your individual needs and make appointments as needed. Our staff at Travelvax is not only a group of trained travel health professionals; we are also travelers like you. Unlike our counterparts, we provide additional benefits such as laboratory tests and pharmacy services. Although Travelvax currently operates one clinic, several additional clinics are planned for development in the near future. Please come by and enjoy the benefits and services Travelvax, Travel Health Clinic has to offer, prior to your next traveling adventure.xt below as a natural lead-in to additional content.