Travel Health Clinic

Missionaries & Relief Workers

Traveling to a third-world or disaster stricken country to provide relief is a noble gesture. Despite the impending dangers, hundreds of thousands of relief workers risk life and limb each day in an effort to save lives and create a better quality of life for those less fortunate. Unfortunately, many relief workers are seriously injured and even killed trying to help others. Most, if not all of these hazards can be circumvented by utilizing travel health advice, immunizations, preventative medicine, and laboratory testing.

Travelvax provides the most up-to-date and reliable travel health advice available today. Our clinicians will help you avoid both seen and unseen threats. Microorganisms, political unrest, crime, and animal threats are just a few of the problems that relief workers may encounter. Whether you’re there to teach, spread the gospel, provide medical relief, or rescue endangered lives, you may be at substantial risk. Knowledge and preventative medicine can greatly decrease the odds that you will find yourself in a third-world hospital. Don’t be caught off guard; let us help you, so you can help others!